Registration conference - Intelligence Day

Mensa Be is, … among other things, a group of people who want to demystify the IQ (Intelligence quotient).
IQ is only a feature among others, contributing to make the person who he is. No more, no less.

That’s why we organize Intelligence Day on November 19th this year in Belgium. Our theme will be:
“the high potential child to the adult it becomes”.
Scientists will talk about the latest findings on HIQ (High Intelligence Quotient).

The days programme : conferences, workshops, interactive debate, ending with a cocktail and the proclamation of the Mensa Be Games Awards 2016. [link: you can find the comprehensive programme here]

The conference is held in the prestigious Crowne Plaza, the price includes croissants in the morning, a lunch, refreshments during the day and a cocktail in the evening.
The conferences are simultaneously interpreted in French, Dutch and English.

To book a room price negotiated for 50 years, thank you to contact the hotel directly with the link below:


Price :

all inclusive (conferences, workshops, café + croissant, lunch, cocktail, refreshments during the day , Wi-Fi and discount on the hotel room - in a prestigious Art-Nouveau hotel)

members of Mensa having paid their dues + one guest:

* 50 euro per person for the first 130 registered (including the guests)
* Then 129 euro

For the general public:

* Registration until September 21st: 129 euro
* Registration from September 1st: 179 euro

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