Programme 50 years

Mensa is… 

Among other things, a club that likes to party, open to the world with more than 130.000 members in some hundred countries; a place to share and exchange.

The 50th anniversary, that’s also …

Intelligence Day - The festive year starts with pump and circumstances on Intelligence Day, November 19th. To do so we organize a day full of conferences and workshops in Brussels. Our theme is: “the high potential child to the adult it becomes”. Scientists will talk about the latest findings on HIQ (High Intelligence Quotient).

Mass IQ Tests - We would like to share this festive moment. Near to the Intelligence Day, we will do IQ-tests at a special price all over Belgium.

MensaBeYourself - You can help a friend to win an IQ-test by Mensa Be. If he has a particularly creative or alert mind, he might discover having a HIQ. We organize a sweepstake every month.

Mensa Be Games Awards - For the first time we grant the Mensa Be Games Awards, a title for games that stimulate the mind and furthers conviviality.
The proclamation is scheduled on the evening of Intelligence Day, November 19th.

PREBS - Finally, I’m proud to announce that our association continues to take action for the wellbeing of children and connects with other associations of children with specific needs (HP, Autism, DYS, TDA/H, …).

For the French speaking, we launch in September PREBS: Portail de Références pour l'Enfant à Besoins Spécifiques ( We want to give quality information to the public about children with specific needs and to facilitate the access to such information.


Thierry Marchand

Responsible of the 50th anniversary programme

Responsible Mensa Youth