Selection of the games of the year according to Mensa Be, the High IQ Society of Belgium.

Mensa Be (Belgium) is organising a fun prize, whose identity reflects what both the non-profit organisation and its youthful counterpart, Mensa Youth Be, stand for: quick thinking and living together. With these MBGAs, Mensa Be goes above and beyond a mere prize award and we are eager to share the reasons why we appreciated the award-winning games.


Functioning of MBGAs:

Each year, a jury of professionals makes a preselection of games including games for the youngest (Mensa Youth). These are games for the general public: accessible games, neither too long to play, nor to complex. Those of Belgian origin and / or cooperative are highlighted.


A jury of passionate players, from 7 to 77 years old, meets for a whole weekend. During this weekend, they participate in intense games sessions, lively debates on each game and various user-friendly animations.


You can help us selecting by giving notes to games you have played. Your participation will allow you to win a nice gift.


The evaluations of the jury are completed by the notes you have given here, on three criteria:

  • Reflexion: the game that stimulates you neurons
  • Conviviality : the game with which you are happy to be in a group
  • The overall rating: because a game is much more than the two aspects above



Based on the notes received, following awards will be granted:


The game with the highest overall note


The game with the best note on Reflexion


the cooperative game with the best overall note


The Belgian game (by author, editor or illustrator) with the best overall note


The game for children with the best overall note


The Mensa Be Games Awards are organised in partnership with the teams of the “Dés Punchés” and “Imagimonde asbl”.


http://www.despunches.be                                     http://www.imagimonde.be


Entries for the weekend and the votes are closed.

Awards 2017


You will find below the selection of the games of the year :

Mensa Best Game 2017: Unlock!
Mensa Youth Be Game: Kingdomino
Best Belgian Game: Magic Maze
Best Cooperative Game: Unlock!
Best Mind Game: Unlock!

Together with the reasons why these games were appreciated.


This game has so many qualities that it has managed to grab 3 of the 5 awards!

Unlock is an original creation by Cyril Demaegd, who benefited from an excellent production work by the Space Cowboys. It is based on the principle of the Escape Rooms that is turned into a board game. The players have a limited time to accomplish something… The game focuses on reflection by resolving all kinds of enigmas. The limited time places players under positive stress by offering a unique gaming experience, both on the level of immersion and intensity!


The members of Mensa Youth have opted for a game with a colourful and warm design, created by the prolific Bruno Cathala and edited by Blue Orange. Kingdomino is an original remake of a well-known mechanism, the dominoes. Its simplicity combined with a certain degree of chance have turned it into a very accessible game, easy to play by the youngest among us. It is nonetheless a very tactical game and strategists can play it to their heart’s content!


Magic Maze
Magic Maze is a real-time cooperative game from the Belgian editor Sit Down and created by Kasper Lapp. But, more than anything, Magic Maze is “the game that drives you crazy”: managing to get a group of medieval adventurers out of a modern shopping centre in a limited period of time, each player with his or her own limited actions and without any verbal communication allowed. An increasingly challenging, ultra-speed and super fun game!


A special mention to the Barabistouille community “Délires à haut débit” for turning up for the vote in large numbers and with great enthusiasm!

We would like to thank the editors and distributors of the preselected games for having played the game and having lent their games to the Jury: Antre JeuxAsmodee Belgium FRGeronimo and Gigamic.


Preselected games 2017