Mensa Be is … potentially 2 % of the population.

  • Our association is made of a patchwork of individuals who share a score higher than or equal to 98% of the population in a standardized and supervised IQ test.

Mensa Be also is, amongst other things …

  • People who want to demystify HIQ (High Intelligence quotient). This is just a feature that can contribute to make you more performant in certain fields, less in others. It doesn’t define the person or his value.
  • People who enjoy meeting other people, with or without a HIQ. There are about 200 000 HIQ in Belgium.
  • People who enjoy playing board games together. It offers the opportunity to share a moment with friends, sometimes racking their brains.
  • People who want to improve the wellbeing of HIQ children at school. HIQ children exist, they have specific needs. Every day there are teachers who manage to help these children.


What is Mensa Be?


Mensa is a worldwide association for so-called HIQ (High Intelligence quotient) people, having about 133 000 members. It has active representation in over 100 countries.

Mensa Be is the Belgian branch.


Mensa Be is what its members contribute.

It’s a place of fulfilment for its members who most often share numerous common points of interest that change over time.

The association offers an environment enabling discussions, sharing, and the research on HIQ.


Mensa means ‘table’ in Latin. Mensa strives to be an association ruled by the principle of the round table. Each member has the same importance, regardless of sex, race, origin, age, schooling or political, philosophical or religious ideas.


Mensa, as an association, doesn’t judge or take sides. All members are free to have and express their own ideas.


Our values: to favour, develop and share knowledge and understanding.



What are the essential goals of our association?


  • To encourage mutual contacts between very intelligent people
  • To defend the interests of these people
  • To help to develop the ideas and points of interest of the members
  • To support the collaboration in general research in the field of intelligence and to encourage these researches


For further information, check our website www.mensa.be or send your questions to info@mensa.be.